Troupe in a Trunk

DESTINATION Imagination!

Here’s what educators are saying about Troupe in a Trunk…

“Thank you for your developmentally appropriate content year after year. The students always relate and learn from your performance. Excellent Show!”

“We LOVE, LOVE, this program. Please don’t EVER stop doing it for our schools.”

“The actors and performers were AMAZING! The kids really loved it and learned a lot.”

Troupe in a Trunk is an outreach program that inspires students’ imaginations by bringing live performances to Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte County elementary schools. “Troupe” encourages students to use their creativity as a learning tool … by engaging senses not ordinarily utilized.

Director Kelly Duyn is pleased to announce the team for Troupe in a Trunk 2019 – If We Were All Butterflies!
Ann Gurek- Stage Manager
Daniel Cole
Ellen Higdon
Marilyn Barton
Melanie Paul
Rita Mazer
Suzanne Williams
Theresa Pellicano

Before each performance, the theatre provides teachers with materials related to the play. The teachers and students have the opportunity for discussion before or after the performance. Each school is also asked to assess and evaluate the performances in an effort to improve future productions. Every spring TROUPE IN A TRUNK brings their show to approximately 9,600 area students, inspiring their imaginations.

Call 941-486-8679 to schedule "Troupe" to come to your school!