Casting Callboard

Venice Theatre posts casting announcements here and on our Facebook page. If you have been offered a role (congratulations!), please do not share the news until the theatre has made the announcement. Thank you.

Director Kelly Wynn Woodland is pleased to announce the cast of Race:

Jack – Chris Caswell
Henry – Kristofer Geddie
Charles – Chris Hines
Susan – DaNeisha Carr

This David Mamet play runs April 26- May 12, 2019. More information about the show is available HERE.

Our policy on harassment

Arts environments require risk, courage, vulnerability, and investment of our physical, emotional and intellectual selves.

Venice Theatre seeks to nurture spaces with strong safety nets that support that ethos without compromising a visceral and authentic experience for artists and audiences.

We believe that even in the absence of high-risk material, having pathways for response to unsafe conditions and harassment help to maintain the integrity of the work, its participants, and the organization.