Mark your calendars  for June 18 – 23, 2018!

What is aactWorldFest?

A world-wide week-long community theatre festival in Venice, Florida, USA on Florida’s beautiful southwest coast.

“I’m giving you four years’ notice. Plan to attend the AACT WorldFest that will be held at Venice Theatre in 2018. I want more people who claim to love the theater and be “in the know” about what’s trendy in the arts to experience this event.” ~ Jay Handelman, Herald-Tribune (read more)

The language of theatre is universal!


At the 2014 festival, top-quality theatre troupes from 13 countries around the globe presented over 30 performances in one week. Many groups performed in their native language, but we all followed what was happening … in whatever theatre form it was presented. The language of theatre is universal!


More than 20 workshops were offered involving a variety of theatre forms. Participants learned about Chinese opera, commedia dell’ arte,  multi-media influences on modern theatre and more.


Delightful dinners, after-glow gatherings, impromptu drum circles, and “lobby gabs” make up the recipe for life-long, global friendships!

Who can attend?

Anyone with a love of theatre! You’ll have the time of your life at this Festival in Paradise! Coming to Venice Theatre again in June, 2018. June 18-23 to be exact!