Please note that we do not mail tickets. They can be picked up M-F 10-5; Sat. 10-1; and one hr. before showtime.
There will be no shows on Easter Sunday, April 5.

  • FoxFairway15

    The Fox on the Fairway

    3/31 – 4/19 The grand old game gets spoofed in this hilarious play by America’s reigning king of farce. Funnier than Caddyshack and faster than a 2-iron slice, The Fox on the Fairway creates non-ending hijinks at the Quail Valley Golf Club.
    Genre: Comedy Cost: $28 Adult |$15 College |$13 Child Buy Tickets
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  • This is from our 2003 production of The Miracle Worker

    The Miracle Worker

    5/05 – 5/24 This moving drama is based on the true story of a young deaf and blind girl, Helen Keller, and her dedicated teacher Annie Sullivan.
    Genre: Drama Cost: $28 Adult |$15 College |$13 Child
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  • Next to Normal_O0A4844 - Copy

    Next to Normal

    4/9 – 4/26 Kim Kollar and Chris Caswell star in this Tony and Pulitzer winning “feel-everything” musical that explores how one family lives with mental illness.  Next to Normal throbs with an emotional intensity that cannot be dismissed.”~ The New York Times
    Genre: Musical Cost: $28 Adult |$15 College |$13 Child Buy Tickets
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  • RGB-CLTGLogoRKS2015

    Children’s Letters to God

    5/14 – 5/24 This whimsical and charming musical follows five young friends as they voice beliefs, desires, questions and doubts common to all people.
    Genre: Musical  Cost: $17 Adults | $13 College | $10 Child Buy Tickets
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Clarifying Misinformation Regarding Your Personal Injury Claim

A personal injuries lawyer can help you with all the complex legal matters involved in litigating a car accident personal injury case.  There are a lot of misinformation regarding personal injury claims that you should be aware of.  Some of this misinformation includes;

  1. You might not collect huge amounts of money!  Insurance companies have very skilled lawyers who do nothing all day except mitigating the damages down as much as possible.  The award of multi-million pound damages you may have seen on TV, or on the Internet, are extremely rare and only for the most serious cases.  The bulk of the multi-million pound pay-outs are for future financial losses incurred, for example, if you can no longer work then you could claim for your wages you would have received but for the accident, or if you need permanent care or support, then you could claim for future medical care.  If you are a young person, then this could amount to a serious amount of money.  A good, honest personal injury lawyer will maximise the award you are entitled to.
  2. Damages relating to non-financial heads are limited in many jurisdictions.  Just because you have experienced some pain and suffering, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be awarded damages.  Of course, the more extreme the damage to you, the better chance you will have of being awarded damages.  If you have been permanently scarred by fire in the accident, for example, the pain and suffering is extreme and therefore you will be in a better position to be awarded damages for non-economic reasons.
  3. It is not always true that holding out for a better offer is the best thing to do!  There are lots of reasons why this is true.  The most important thing to do when negotiating your car accident personal injury claim is to speak with a professional personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  A personal injury professional will be able to advise you on what they consider a “good” settlement amount, based upon years of experience on these matters.
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14-15 shows at-a-glance

The Fox on the Fairway

March 31 - April 19

Next to Normal

April 9 -  26

Monday, Monday

April 12 & 13

The Miracle Worker

May 5 -  24

Children's Letters to God

May 14 - 24

Lotela Gold 

May 30

Loveland Follies

June 4 - 7

The Goldtones 

Sept. 12